Mango Pulp Exporters Much in Demand Due to Increasing Harvest

Mango Pulp Exporters

Mango Pulp is used in preparation of several desserts and sweet and is in huge demand.Mangoes are one of the most desirable flavours when it comes to shakes and ice-creams. Thanks to mango pulp exporters that countries which do not produce mango are able to relish this splendid fruit. The question is the how is mango pulp extracted. Mango pulp is extracted from a few varieties if freshly ripped mango fruit. Not all varieties of mango are pulpy and are suitable for extracting mango pulp. Those fruits which are fully matured are picked and transported to big industries where they are exposed to machines and pulp is extracted.

Following are the steps which are followed while pulp is extracted

  • Fruits are carefully monitored and only those fruits which are high in quality are taken to the next step
  • These selected fruits are then stored in controlled ripening chambers where they are ripened in warm conditions.
  • They are again inspected and monitored. Those fruits which maintain their quality are then washed, blanched, peeled and deseeded.
  • After that they are pulped through special machines and processed and packed.

The entire process may sound to be very straightforward; however it requires expertise and fully operative mechanism.

Due to an increased demand for mango pulp from all over the world there are more and more players entering the market. With respect to the demand mango pulp exporters are keen to bring in new and more advanced technology which makes the process simpler as well as quicker. Since mango is not produced all over the world therefore, there is a huge demand for mango pulp in countries where it is not produced. There are many parts of the word where some varieties of mangoes are produced but are often not suitable for pulping. A high quality variety such as alphonso and Kesari which is available in South east Asia is very high in demand. Therefore mango pulp exporters concentrate specifically in these varieties. These are great for preparing mango kulfi and flavouring mango lassi. You would be pleasant to hear that most of the five star hotels also make use of mango pulp in their preparations as it is more convenient to handle and they are sure that they are making use of the best quality fruit. Since only those mangoes which are high in quality are processes and pulped therefore there is no question of compromising on quality.

India is one of the largest mango pulp exporters and deals in majorly Alphonso and TotaPari mango pulp. It was estimated that India exported 1,54,820.69 MT of Mango Pulp which was worth Rs. 841.39 crores in 2014-2015.

Most of the exports are targeted in the middle east especially Saudi Arabia, Yemen Republic, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Just recently the EU did not allow export of mangoes due to some quality issues but now the dust has been cleared and mango pulp exporters are looking forward to continue exporting in EU and UK.


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